Can’t Decide

Hey All well you have to forgive me, see i can’t seem to decide which be better, my msn space or my blogspot hehe. Guess i kinda like both. so yea……hehe i dunno wat to put. Mayb i will stick with the blogspot, tis far more exciting i think.

6 Responses to “Can’t Decide”

  1. Surfer Says:

    lol well if you keep jumping back and forth you\’ll just confuse us simpleminded people :p… yea and i dunno, blogspot is nice, but then space is nice also, \’cause there everything can be in one place, like blogs, and pics and stuff.. i dunno!

  2. Nathan Says:

    this is probably the first blog spot thingy ive ever read. except for niles\’s one. so I dont really care

  3. caylen Says:

    oooOOOOOoooh stick with this is one cuz i dont know ur other sites address lol =)

  4. caylen Says:

    aaaw fun pics!!! =)

  5. nonna Says:

    u took 318 pictures on ur birthday!!!
    didnt look through all of them(yet) but looks super fun!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Haha no there was more than that, those are just the ones i put up on here šŸ˜‰ CRAZY i know….

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