England for 3 days

Hey Guys, Well im in england for the next 3 days….so go ahead and leave me a message. Or not or wateva or ok…..yea Spiderman loves you all!!
Crazy Girl,

3 Responses to “England for 3 days”

  1. Ron and Kim Says:

    We\’ll miss you Lisa!

  2. Surfer Says:

    yea, doubt you\’ll check this before, but what days your interview? and seriously, wats with the spiderman, wat if i don\’t want to be loved by spiderman?

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hey Hey Well at least i know im loved by 2 ppl hehe thanks you guys 😀
    Interview was yesterday and went well, and well u should wana be loved by spiderman!! Cause he rules!!!!! YEA!!!! haha sorry am a lil bored, hope you guys hav fun at oasis.

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