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February 21, 2006
Hey Folks,
Well I already posted it but please come check out my new blog, and even leave a message.
Hehe trust me i keep leaving crazy comments on it, ill try not to make it boring for you all.

Update sort of hehe :D

February 20, 2006
Hello Hello, I decided i hadnt posted on here for a while. Guess i havnt done any psalms for a while either, does anyone actually miss them…..cause ill start again?
Lala…..ok well updating…….uh well i hav a blog space now….tis rather interesting…..well if you feel like looking heres the link:
ENJOY!!! 😀
Come comment for me!!
Lissy Angel

Yea Yea I’m back

February 12, 2006
I realized i hadn’t updated this in a while, seems to happen to all doesnt it haha. Well im back from england, hopefully you ppl noticed, well i wont hold it against ya if u didnt haha. But yes am back, safe and sound. And still learning amazing lessons, funny how that works eh? Lol…..i know we all learn from Him all the time. Well no ok we all are being taught by Him all the time, whether or not we be actually learning is up to us I suppose. Lol……Um…..dont really know wat to update on. My cast should be coming off tomorow, says she hoping really badly that it does, would love to be able to walk again. Hehe….well i hav a class to go to tonite and am a lil tired, so i might just disappear and sleep for 30 mins or so…..sounds so nice. Will talk to all soon.

England for 3 days

February 5, 2006
Hey Guys, Well im in england for the next 3 days….so go ahead and leave me a message. Or not or wateva or ok…..yea Spiderman loves you all!!
Crazy Girl,