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Hey Guys,
Just Curious as to thoughts you guys all have in general so uh…..yea leave a message on my blog.

6 Responses to “Leave a Message”

  1. Surfer Says:

    Hmm… thoughts in general? that\’s pretty… open ended :p haha, yea, actually just woke up kinda *cough* but felt pretty good… And yea, it would be quite interesting if everybody actually posted whats actually on their minds. anyway, see ya later probably!Drew

  2. Lisa Says:

    yea….for instance how come apples come in both red and green?? How is it decided which colour an apple will be?

  3. Surfer Says:

    hmm. well, its got a reason biologically, no? \’cause apples ripen to red (or yellow sometimes), and i spose the traits are passed down through their genes (genetics, i didn\’t enjoy too much), and greens under-ripe (hence the sourness). Flowers too, they\’ll start one color, many times green when small buds, and then grow and change colors…. yea anyway back to math for me.

  4. Lisa Says:

    haha see rnt u glad u got a break from math for a while, learn some bio instead. I am actually seriously curious bout the whole apple dilemma lol

  5. Surfer Says:

    haha, hmm, dunno. spanish and chem now. yea, at the same time too.. chem class, and doing spanish hw when it gets boring, haha. curious? well not my fault.

  6. Lisa Says:

    It is cause u got me seriously thinking bout a reason for it 😛 So i can blame ya for bein curious

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