Christmas and New Year Update

Hey Hey Ok everyone:
Sorry i know ive been rather preoccupied and therefore not online much, but quick update on wats been happening, well lets see christmas day was well christmas day. In the morning we went to the church service, then we came home and had lunch which my mum made, was really nice turkey and stuff. Then in afternoon we went to a labour camp and gave out shoeboxes which ppl had spent ages collecting the stuff for. Was pretty cool, my first christmas service in another language, which i was informed was actually not hindi after all, so i have no idea wat language it was lol but was cool all the same  then later on went out to desert with some ppls which was cool then came back to dubai and hung out with some family friends, then the following day stayed home with food poisoning but oh well lol  i survived evidently.
Since then, well that day i stayed home (boxing day) me, my mum and sis finished an entire 1000 piece puzzle hehe… awesome eh? No i guess just a lil sad but hey was fun….lol. Like literally we started it that morning and finished it at around 10 that evening, yes we took breaks to watch movies and stuff, not that sad lol.
Following day I went to the snowpark and mall of the emirates with some ppl. Was awesome fun i hav to say…..hehe altho i did get a lil cold after a while, then we went to costas and watched a movie and stuff which was just as hilarious, king julien man!!  
Lets see…..and yea…..yesterday i went to the beach in the morning, then reunited with some school friends for lunch and stuff which was super fun, went to hard rock, had the most amusing waiter lol  but its all good, its all good hehe. Then played pool and wat not which rocked on…….um yea. Then came home for like 10 mins, then went to abu dhabi for nype. Which was awesome, shame not many ppl went but was still just as powerful, proved that we dont need many ppl to hear stuff like that and for it to be powerful.
So folks thats all from me, just remember to ask urself the question what if? What if God could use you eh??
Anyway im gone for now,

One Response to “Christmas and New Year Update”

  1. Ron and Kim Says:

    haha that music video is the best ever! I can\’t believe I haven\’t seen that movie before.Have a great week!

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